Construction Update - 26th of September 2019

1. Basement excavation has been completed with the basement floor being poured over the next 7 days.

2. Structural steel and all material components are installed for the Basement level 1 floor, this will be completed over the next 30 days.

3. Level 0 floor is completed in full.

4. Vertical works to the north building has commenced with precast panels, structural steel and level 1 floor.

5. Structural steel for the balance of level 0-1 is underway as well as precast wall units.


In the coming period (3 months), people can expect to see the following:


  1. Walls and floors finished to level 2 -3.

  2. Scaffold erected to the atrium and exterior of the building.

  3. Wall framing.


All major building materials and trades are either procured and or manufactured off site ready for installation or commencement.


All consents have been adhered to and work is compliant with the local authorities.”


Craig - Project Manager

The Victor